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The StoDistante Installation – Vicchio, Italy

Caret Studio is based in Firenze, Italy. It is practitioner in architecture, urbanism, and research. Caret Studio team installed the gridded social-distancing called StoDistante in Piazza Giotto area in Vicchio, a town near Florence, Tuscany region, Italy. The white square shapes on the street floor are made of removable paints to mark 1,8 meter safe distance between people during Covid-19 social distancing. The StoDistante installation is a temporary solution for reactivating public spaces until the pandemic is over.

Watch the short video about the StoDistante Project by Caret Studio in the Comune di Vicchio Facebook Page which had been aired in SkyTG24 TV News:…



Some images of the StoDistante installation from Dezeen and Comune Di Vicchio:…

StoDistante by Caret Studio.

Piazza Giotto with gridded social-distancing from above by Caret Studio.

StoDistante Announcement in Vicchio town by Caret Studio.

For more information about Caret Studio: Website – Instagram – Facebook

Source: Comune Di Vicchio Facebook Page, Dezeen: Caret Studio Installed Gridded Docial DistancingCaret Studio InstagramSky TG24 Italian TV Channel.