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Esotismi Hand Embroidered Wallpaper – Milan, Italy

A collaboration between Italian designer Cristina Celestino and wallpaper company Misha in 2020, presenting hand embroidered wallpaper of imaginative oversized flowers, passion fruits and mushrooms with unnatural toned pastel colors appeared on geometric and natural diagonal stripes background. The project is called Esotismi (Exoticism). It consists of four different designs: Cabana — Formosa — Passiflora — Oasi. Each mixes the geometries and organic design elements, presented in different color combinations.   Misha’s wallcoverings focuses on hand techniques of painting and embroidery, also the color choices of backgrounds that give impacts to the wallpaper designs. The production process of Misha’s wall coverings using natural product ingredients. The glues are based on natural starch and it applies the silk wallcoverings to the wall safely. It can also be removed without damaging the wall surface. Craftsmen hand painting natural paint pigments on the decoration. This collaboration project between Misha and Celestino is the second one after the Caffé Concerto Cucchi project back in 2019:… Cristina Celestino on her 2020 design for the wallpaper brand Misha: “The new Exoticism collection for Misha evokes …

The StoDistante Installation – Vicchio, Italy

Caret Studio is based in Firenze, Italy. It is practitioner in architecture, urbanism, and research. Caret Studio team installed the gridded social-distancing called StoDistante in Piazza Giotto area in Vicchio, a town near Florence, Tuscany region, Italy. The white square shapes on the street floor are made of removable paints to mark 1,8 meter safe distance between people during Covid-19 social distancing. The StoDistante installation is a temporary solution for reactivating public spaces until the pandemic is over. Watch the short video about the StoDistante Project by Caret Studio in the Comune di Vicchio Facebook Page which had been aired in SkyTG24 TV News:…     Some images of the StoDistante installation from Dezeen and Comune Di Vicchio:… For more information about Caret Studio: Website – Instagram – Facebook Source: Comune Di Vicchio Facebook Page, Dezeen: Caret Studio Installed Gridded Docial Distancing, Caret Studio Instagram, Sky TG24 Italian TV Channel.