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Interactive Hologram Of Standing Ovation – London, United Kingdom

During the pandemic, many businesses, flight journeys, especially public events have been closed down and cancelled around the world to avoid the spread of the virus.

But there is an existed solution by Musion 3D. In London, Musion 3D company and singer Dan Olsen, used an interactive hologram based on Victorian technology is reaching fans in the locked down world of the coronavirus pandemic. It is a way to present the musicians on stage while some of them played in their small studio in East London, as reported by Reuters yesterday.

Musion 3D and Dan Olsen launch Fanshare, a modern twist on an illusion technique known as Pepper’s ghost involving a huge sheet of glass which was used in theatres in the 1860. In this occasion, Dan Olsen also presented the acoustic performance of his new song “Standing Ovation“.

“The timing couldn’t be better to do this now because people are looking like how can we play to an audience because we can’t get musicians to travel and all of a sudden with this you can do it anywhere in the world,” said Olsen, a singer from Faroe Island.

To introduce: Musion 3D and Dan Olsen music concert in 3D interactive hologram. Image by: REUTERS/Stuart McDill To introduce: Musion 3D and Dan Olsen music concert in 3D interactive hologram. Image by: REUTERS/Stuart McDill

The images of Olsen and a guitarist were projected onto a stage in central London where the piano player was performing live. “It looks like all three of us are on stage playing at the same time but two of us are holograms,” Olsen said.

“It’s the closest you’re going to get to a virtual image, a virtual likeness of the real human being. You don’t need glasses, you don’t need a headset. You’re sitting here as if you’re watching a regular stage show,” said Musion director Ian O’Connell.

Lots of fans won’t be able to gather in large numbers at this time around, so Musion 3D, a company specialized in holograms & holographic projection permanent and temporary 3D installations, eventually wants to get gigs onto mobile devices. “We’ve coined this phrase from home to phone,” O’Connell said.

Musion 3D has presented hologram performance since more than five years ago, for example the Adidas David Beckham in 2014.


For more information about Musion 3D and Dan Olsen:

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Source: Victorian hologram keeps music in touch with lockdown audience.