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Light For The World – Arundel, United Kingdom

We are sisters, who share prayer, work, laughter and struggles, and live according to the Form of Life drawn up by St Clare of Assisi in 1253. The statement is from the sister of the Poor Clares of Arundel, in United Kingdom.

Back in March 2020, on the eve of lockdown, the nuns were in the final stages of recording their debut album, “Light For The World” – which brings peace to those struggling with the fallout from Covid19. 

To introduce: "Light For The World" by Sisters of Poor Clare, Arundel, UK. Image by: Chris O’Donovan/The Observer. To introduce: "Light For The World" by Sisters of Poor Clare, Arundel, UK. Image by: Chris O’Donovan/The Observer.

Music is the main part of a worship. To The Observer – Guardian, Sister Aelred said that one day, a music producer James Morgan came to them to vespers and to hear the sisters sing. It was not perfect, but he got back in touch with the sisters, because he like the tone of the singing. From there the idea of recording an album started. 

The sisters continue to follow the way of life St Clare wanted, filled with prayer, working together to be a Christ-centered community, so that the glory and the love of God can pour out on the world for the healing of the nations. 

The CD “Light For The World” will be available from 9th of November 2020. The price for the CD is £10 plus postage and packaging. Contact: for more details. Check out their music services in its official website – from Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Apple Music, and many more.

“We certainly didn’t do it to become famous,” says Sister Gabriel. “We want people to know the essence of our lives, what we believe in and what brings us joy.” The music album includes a traditional Ave Maria, Psalm 27 (O Lord, Hear My Voice) and In Paradisum, sung by the nuns at their funeral liturgies – also features the words set to music of St Francis and St Clare, the order’s founders.

How is the life in the monastery? According to Joana Moorhead, a contributor of The Observer / The Guardians – the Poor Clares who wear long brown habits, beige-coloured veils and sandals – practise a kind of ancient mindfulness. Suster Leo said: “I always said the same thing: pay attention to regularity in your life, and do things by a timetable. That’s how it works for us. And I think it’s helped others when I’ve said, ‘We live like this the whole time, and we have done for many years’.

On pandemic: “In our day-to-day life the pandemic has hardly affected us at all. The biggest sadness for us is that we’ve not been able to have visitors – we’ve hardly seen any outsiders for months,” says Sister Gabriel, who joined the order of enclosed nuns in 1994, aged 23.


For more information about Poor Clares of Arundel: Website – Facebook Poor Clares, Arundel – YouTube Poor Clare Sisters Arundel – Topic – Various Music Services link here.

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