Letter Temple – Tokyo, Japan

Face and talk to “that person” through a letter. When you’re lonely, or when you don’t know where to go, why don’t you talk to the late “that person” through a letter? You can go to Tegamidera or Letter Temple Mail to express what you want to communicate to “that person”.

Letter Temple or Tegamidera is a place where you can relax your mind and restore your ability to live by facing and talking with “that person” through letters. Letters can be addressed to a loved-one and entrusted to the Tegamidera organization in its box in a storage facility in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The letter temples located in different locations, mainly in Tokyo area. Click here to know different addresses.



Unlike ordinary mail, Letter Temple Mail handles types of mail that arrive beyond “death” and “life”:…

  • The first is a letter (Last letter / Letter box) entrusted to “that person” who was left behind after the author died. The “Last Letter” is free to feel, footprint, memory, what you want to talk about, content and writing style. Communicate what you want to keep.
  • The second is a letter (Letter visit) sent to “that person” who has already died. Wherever you are, you can talk with the now-deceased “that person” through “letter visit”. The letter you receive will be fired at the letter temple.
  • The third: Until it’s fired up – wherever you are you can write on the “Letter Temple Mail Card” for the deceased. The posted letter will be posted to the letter post of the letter temple and will be fired after the memorial service of the deceased.

According to Mainichi, up until now there are 8014 letters arrived. Since the government issued a state of emergency declaration over the coronavirus in April, inquiries have jumped to 2.5 times the usual pace, with many saying, “I want to send a letter because the coronavirus has made the future so uncertain, and I’m worried.”

Tegamidera is organized by 47-year-old Joji Inoue, chief priest of Shodai-ji temple in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward, whose father was the previous head priests. The words from his father: “Do not let the light of Buddhism go out,” – inspired Inoue to continue the mission of Tegamidera in 2016.

The temple also have private lounge for writing letters, located in 1306 Ojinbocho , Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture 274-0082 – TEL: 047-457-0550. Opening hours: 8: 30-17: 30. Telephone reception: 9:00 to 17:00.

Click here to know the addresses for Letter Temple Ginza, Letter Temple Edogawa, Letter Temple Funabashi in Japan. Now they already planned to open the letter processing in Seoul and New York, and letter office in London.


For more information about Tegamidera: Website – Facebook Tegamidera –  – YouTube Tegamidera Letter Temple – Instagram @tegamidera.

Source: About Tegamidera — Rush of missives to living and dead entrusted to Japan’s ‘letter temple’ amid pandemicLetter Temple Tegamidera YouTube Channel.