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Billie’s Ukulele – Scottsdale, United States

There’s no one like Billie Eilish. Designed in collaboration with the icon herself, this concert uke is a bold take on the four-string classic.

Fender launches a signature ukulele for pop music prodigy Billie Eilish. Ukulele is the first instrument learned to play by Billie when she was six years old, long before she established herself as a pop-culture music icon. Billie uses ukulele as her main creative writing and recording tool.

Fender is the world’s foremost manufacturer of electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amplifiers, accessories, apparel, and more – with transparent supply chain and against against the use of child labor or slavery.

According to Guitar World, the Billie Eilish Signature Ukulele is concert-sized model features sapele top, back and sides, finished in matte black and adorned with the artist’s trademark ‘blohsh’ symbol – designed with Billie herself. Blohsh is a lopsided stick figure copyrighted by Billie Eilish.

To introduce: Billie Eilish Signature Ukulele by Fender. Image by Fender. To introduce: Billie Eilish Signature Ukulele by Fender. Image by Fender.

“The ukulele was the first instrument I learned, it’s where I started writing, and where I found new ways of writing that I had never tried before. It inspires a different kind of writing,” announced Billie Eilish during the introduction session of her signature ukulele in Fender YouTube Channel.

Billie added: “The rules of the ukulele are simple, and basically if you know three chords you can play almost any song. I hope my Fender Signature ukulele inspires people to start playing, and start writing, anyone can do it.”

You can join the Live Streaming Learn to play Billie Eilish on Uke and Guitar | Fender Play LIVE | Fender tomorrow on September 10th, 2020 – click here to watch.

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Source: Billie Eilish partners with Fender for new ukulele — Fender unveils Billie Eilish signature ukulele — Learn during lockdown — INTRODUCING THE BILLIE EILISH UKULELE — Artist Signature Series.