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Indestructible Vest – London, United Kingdom

A puffer vest is the one of the best autumn outerwear. A strongest and indestructible puffer vest has now been produced by Vollebak, a London based innovative brand that will protect you against extreme weather.

After has been making many innovative fashion products with genial fibres, now Vollebak team is presenting The Indestructible Puffer Vest which is made from Dyneema which is the single strongest fibre known to man today. The entire outside of this vest is made from 100% Dyneema.

Every fibre on the outside of the vest is up to 15x stronger than steel and 40% stronger than high-strength aramid fibres. It is as tough as body armour, anti-ballistic vehicle armour, mooring systems for giant container ships, and ropes used to tie down oil rigs in violent, icy seas. Dyneema built to work in any temperatures and in cold, the stronger it gets.

To introduce: The Indestructible Puffer Vest by Vollebak. Image by Vollebak. To introduce: The Indestructible Puffer Vest by Vollebak using plastic insulation. Image by Vollebak.

The vest’s insulation is made from recycled plastic. Instead of pulling feathers out of ducks, they used plastic bottles and turn them into insulating synthetic fibres. Every single vest uses around 20 half-litre recycled plastic bottles. For the insulation, Vollebak is working with pioneers in working on recycled fibres and using plastic bottles in their technology since the 1980s based in Milan, Italy. The synthetic insulation used in The Indestructuble Puffer Vest, will keep your core warm at -40°C.

To introduce: The Indestructible Puffer Vest by Vollebak using Dyneema fibers. Image by Vollebak. To introduce: The Indestructible Puffer Vest by Vollebak using Dyneema fibers. Image by Vollebak.

The vest is insulated and triple-lined and ultra-durable detailing throughout the vest with a high collar to insulate you in the harshest conditions, and it’s double-lined with a soft, brushed fabric.

Dyneema is used to make bullet-resistant vests, armour and helmets. It’s used in panels on tanks to protect against stronger ballistic threats like anti-tank projectiles. Also as bulletproof cockpit doors in most commercial planes in the US. It’s so light it floats on water and resistant to the long-term effects of moisture, UV light and chemicals, which is why it’s now also being used in artificial limb.


For more information about Vollebak: Website – YouTube Vollebak – Instagram @vollebak – Twitter @Vollebak.

Source: Indestructible Puffer Vest. Built from the same material as body armour and anti-ballistic vehicle armour.