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The IKEA Virtual Greenhouse Around The World

The pandemic has given us a reason and a chance – to reset, reflect upon, and re-evaluate what’s important to us.

IKEA Life At Home, a Swedish multinational group of companies that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen ware and home accessories based on green concept — is presenting The IKEA Virtual Greenhouse 2020, a series of masterclasses, live talks and interactive experiences by expert creatives in food, wellbeing, sustainability and botany – is also designed to help cultivate a more sustainable and balanced life at home during the pandemic. It will be held online by Ingka Group for a week from Saturday, 17 October to Friday, 23 October.

According to IKEA, our lives at home have a great capacity to meet our emotional needs, especially during the pandemic. As the majority of us now live in urban spaces with minimal access to nature and wildlife, it means we have a greater desire for integrating the natural world into our urban homes and cityscapes. It is now important to be more conscious approach to consumption and for living a more balanced life, with less, based on IKEA’s Life At Home Report 2020.

To introduce: The IKEA Virtual Greenhouse. Held by IKEA and Ingka Group. Image by Ingka Group. To introduce: The IKEA Virtual Greenhouse. Held by IKEA and Ingka Group. Image by Ingka Group.

According to DDW’s Programme’20, IKEA Virtual Greenhouse creatives have developed their own hand-crafted and unique content for how people can make home a sanctuary, filming it all from their own most personal spaces – be that home or creative studio.

From growing flowers to nourish bees, building your own farm at home, dyeing textile with food waste, creating less food waste, to exploring the sound of the earth, and many others. They’re designed to help the many people with their personal home reboots, so that they can truly flourish, according to IKEA team.

See the content list of The IKEA Virtual  Greenhouse during the DDW week programme’20 and find the livestreamed content on the IKEA YouTube channel starting on 17 October 2020 for a week.


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Source: The IKEA Virtual Greenhouse — IKEA launches its Virtual Greenhouse to inspire people to live a more balanced and sustainable life at home — How can we help the many to create a home sanctuary? To live more sustainably, and to thrive in these exceptional times? —– About IKEA Life at Home Life at home really matters.