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#BLAMHistoryBites – London, United Kingdom

We aim to promote a positive dialogue of social identity and culture through history.

London based non-profit BLAM (Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health) – has developed an augmented reality (AR) app called History Bites, which provides users the chance to see black history memorialised through virtual plaques and sculptures.

The mobile application, developed as part of Black History Month – is aimed at kids and profiles five different figures, including Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel to space.

“At BLAM we are constantly seeking new ways to counterbalance the effects of Eurocentricity and racism on Black lives and the creation of this app can help Black children reaffirm positive ideas and notions about their black identity,” BLAM founder Ife Thompson told Dezeen.

The BLAM app features men and women from across history and the African diaspora, including Musa I who ruled over the West African empire of Mali in the 1300s and is widely considered the richest person who ever lived.

BLAM History Bites also provide some projects: The Grounded ProjectRooted Project, School Exclusion Appeal Service, Free Black Hostory Resources, School Campaign, Zuri Therapy (Racial-Wellness), and many other services.

For anti-racism & black narratives inclusion teacher training, they also provide 1-to-1 and group training for teachers wishing to learn how to embed Black British cultural heritage and African and Afro-Caribbean histories into their everyday teaching.

Who is BLAM? We are the brainchild of six young women, BLAM formally began as a community outreach event in the spring of 2017. The event garnered a high level of community interest due to its acclaimed panel (which included Diane Abbott MP, Karl Lokko and Viv Ahmun) and the compelling debates which took place. Our community outreach sessions could allow for the sharing of pragmatic resolutions to social issues that threaten to fragment the community spirit of London.


For more information about BLAM History Bites app: Website – Facebook BLAM Charity – Twitter @BLAMCharity – Instagram ‎@blamcharity.

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