MUJI Soy Meat Range – Tokyo, Japan

The world population will reach 10 billion by 2050 and there’s a growing awareness that meat product is a major contributor to climate change. And because of those reasons, Japanese retail company, MUJI – developed its plant-based meat to give customers healthier and sustainable option to traditional meats.

The four environmentally friendly product varieties made from soy and they can be stored at room temperature without refrigerator. Soybean is a good meat alternative, since it has more protein per gram than chicken, pork, or beef. They are available online and at brick-and-mortar stores in Japan starting this month. 

To introduce: MUJI soy meatballs. Image by: MUJI Japan. To introduce: MUJI soy meat hamburger steak. Image by: MUJI Japan.

As reported in the source of media mentioned at the bottom of this page, the products are stored in vacuum-sealed pouches, the shelf-stable Soy Meatballs, Soy Hamburger Steak, Mince Meat and Sliced Meat – replicating the taste and texture of original meat. Priced at ¥290 yen (approximately $2.75 USD), the Soy Meatballs, Soy Hamburger Steak, Minced Soy Meat and Soy Meat Slices are available now at MUJI Japan – some are already out of stock.

The Soy Meatballs and Soy Hamburger Steak are for a quick snack or meal with sauce or seasonings. And the Minced Soy Meat and Soy Meat Slices developed to be used as substitutes in favorite recipes.

To introduce: MUJI minced soy meat. Image by: MUJI Japan. To introduce: MUJI soy meat slices. Image by: MUJI Japan.

On its Japanese website, Muji also details the environmental reasons consumers should consider making the switch away from meat. 


For more information about MUJI: Website – Facebook MUJI – YouTube MUJIglobal – Instagram @muji_global – Soybean Meat Range in MUJI Japan Online Shop.

Source: MUJI Soybean Meat RangeMuji is the latest brand to sell fake meat—and you don’t even have to refrigerate it — Muji’s Plant-Based Meat Can Be Stored at Room Temperature.