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Authenticating Visual Content – California, United States

Truepic Vision app illustration by Truepic Vision USA.
Truepic Vision App illustrations. All images by © Truepic 2020

With this app, we are able to identify fake images.

Truepic is the leading photo and video verification platform. It is first native integration of hardware-secured photo capture in a mobile device paves the yay for enabling authenticity for the trillion-plus photos taken on smartphones annually, it allows dissemination of authentic content as a viable, scalable countermeasure to visual disinformation, image fraud, and deepfakes.

Truepic Vision app illustration by Truepic Vision USA. Truepic Vision app illustration by Truepic Vision USA.

— Two Truepic Vision App illustrations. All images by © Truepic 2020 —

Truepic Vision redefines virtual inspections as a secure, seamless platform you can trust. Receive verified, authentic images in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost as traditional alternatives. It provides a quick and convenient way to receive verified, trustworthy images directly from your customer. It offers you the same trusted result as traditional site inspections, but get it done virtually – saving you time, money, and productivity in the process.

It aims to accelerate business, foster a healthy civil society, and push back against disinformation. The team do this by bolstering the value of authentic photos and videos while leading the fight against deceptive ones.

How Vision works in three simple steps

  1. Send your customer a request to capture images
  2. Customer securely captures images using the Vision app
  3. View verified, authentic images instantly

According to Fast Company, in 2015 Truepic presented an approach with provenance-based capture, which flips the problem of authentication and asks the camera to authenticate images and videos at the point of recording with good scale and speed.

A recent engineering breakthrough by Truepic engineers working on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset now allows image authentication technology to be built directly into smartphone hardware. This means that smartphone makers will have the ability to provide secure image and video capture functionality in the cameras that people use daily, empowering billions of people to disseminate authenticated information.

This technology is also being developed and expanded upon by the likes of Serelay, Adobe, Microsoft, and others – is viable and already available.

Truepic is one of the most innovative conpabies listed by Fast Company in 2019: In a world of photoshopped pictures and altered video, TruePic wants to restore some trust to the visuals we capture on our phone. Its software authenticates and verifies images and videos when they’re created, and then stores them on the blockchain. Insurance companies are using it to prevent claims fraud. TruePic is also verifying videos from the conflict in Syria, American, Presidential Campaigns, Black Lives Matter, etc.

For more information about Truepic: Website – Facebook Truepic – Twitter @truepicinc – LinkedIn Truepic.

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