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Low-Tech Ventilator – Gold Coast, Australia

A ventilator made from daily things.

A lecturer of Digital Media and Industrial Design programs at Griffith University on the Gold Coast campus, created low-tech ventilator using everyday objects that could be used in hospitals in developing countries. He was inspired by a medical staff in Papua New Guinea who squeezed a plastic bag as ventilator to save the life of a patient.

Sam Canning, who is originally from UK and emigrated to Australia in 1997, used pipes, bucket, battery, bicycle wheels, and extra woods to make the low-tech ventilator which all the materials can be easily found anywhere in the world:…

The paddles connected to the battery to rotate around and squash the bucket blowing the air to the top through the pipe.

Sam Canning stated that he really hope the low-tech ventilator can inspire others especially the ones in developing countries.


For more information about Sam Canning and Griffith University:…

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