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Cardboard Furnitures – Sydney, Australia

Serif + Sero coffee tables by SODO SOPA -

The manufacturing industry producing large amounts of waste due to their inherently large size, making it difficult for a regular household to recycle,  SODO – SOPA, a small Sydney based studio specialising in building design, interiors, branding and graphics based in Sydney, Australia, stated in their Instagram page @sodo_sopa and to solve the problem, today they introduce new project called Serif + Sero coffee tables, made completely from upcycled cardboard packaging, a modular and stackable coffee table. According Design Boom, the assembly of the Serif + Sero coffee tables involves a series of cuts, scores, flips and folds before locking into place as a furniture and can be stacked up. The set is available in either square or circular forms offering options of a simple or more challenging assembly.concept sketch by SODO – SOPA in Designboom.

This project aims to promote upcycling in the manufacturing industry and allow users to contribute to a circular economy, one household at a time.

As stated in Designboom aims to begin prototyping additional designs with fabricators before releasing it as an open-source design, available to anyone that can gather cardboard.


For more information about SODO – SOPA: Website – Instagram @sodo_sopa – Facebook sodosopadesign.

Source: SODO – SOPA Instagram Page — SODO – SOPA designs furniture set made entirely from upcycled cardboard.