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The Local Tree Project – Singapore

“We did a lot of research into the ergonomics of Asian bodies. We also designed our furniture based on the size of homes in Singapore. It’s the idea that our products have been designed by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans, using Singaporean materials,” Lincoln Yeo to CNA Luxury.

The millenials Yeo brothers – Morgan, Lincoln, and Ryan – took over the carpentry business after the passing of their father in 2014. The first things they did was change the name and rebrand the traditional carpentry industry. They changed the name from JR&P Industries into Roger&Sons to pay homage to their late father, Roger Yeo.

To modernize the carpentry trade, the expanding company is now focusing on three new aspects: research and development, education, and sustainability.

Roger&Sons was recently awarded the Good Design Research grant from the Design Singapore Council, which will be used to conduct further research into local wood.

To introduce: Roger&Sons carpentry business. Image by Roger&Sons. To introduce: Roger&Sons carpentry business. Image by Roger&Sons.

Through The Local Tree Project, an ethical furniture initiative that salvages local trees such as angsana, khaya and suar (rain trees) in Singapore that have been felled for urban development – they rehabilitate abandoned local logs by turning them into furnitures and restore the aesthetic pleasure that these trees once provided for Singapore.

“We try to source for wood from trees that have already been cut down by NParks (National Parks Board). This wood is destined for the landfill, or will be made into pallets or recycled as mulch. So we take this wood and make furniture out of it; to make something that is a bit more meaningful,” said Morgan Yeo to Straits Time. in 2018.

According to Morgan during the interview with Melisa Stewart from CNA Luxury in September 2020: Singapore cuts “unofficially about 100 trees a day” for urban redevelopment purposes. These trees sit in sawmills for five to ten years, waiting to be turned into mulch or pallet wood. At one of the sawmills there’s about four to five football fields filled with trees, stacked on top of each other.

To introduce: Roger&Sons carpentry business. Image by Roger&Sons.

Now their workshop is home to a thriving creative community – abound with open collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. The brothers hope to train more new generation of carpenters also partner local polytechnics and universities to educate students on the carpentry industry, and help bridge that gap between what they learn in school and what is done in Singapore.


For more information about Roger&Sons: Website – – Facebook Roger&Sons – Peatix – Instagram @rogerandsons.

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