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The Deep Sleep Cocoon – London, United Kingdom

The shape and functionality of the jacket are inspired by the shape of a curled up woodlouse.

The deep cocoon jacket by Vollebak is built for people to sleep anywhere. When you zip-closed the whole hood, you can see out from inside but nobody can see in. You can have deep sleep in your own protective cocoon anywhere. The British brand is the winner of TIME Magazine Best Invention, WIRED Gear in 2019, hailed as magical by Fast Company.  Vollebak is an experimental clothing brand and also made great breakthrough in the quality of textiles.

Above is the Vollebak’s deep cocoon jacket advertisement in Dezeen YouTube channel and below is the new edition of Vollebak’s version 3 – 100 year hoodie which is fireproof, waterproof, and windproof in Vollebak YouTube channel.

Some of the Deep Sleep Cocoon jacket looks from Vollebak: …

Vollebak Deep Sleep

For more information about Vollebak: Website – YouTube Channel Vollebak – Instagram @vollebak – Twitter @Vollebak.

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