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Next Reservations in Serres Séparées – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mediamatic ETEN restaurant brought up a project called “Serres Séparées” (Separate Greenhouse) to welcome their guests on 5th and 12th of May 2020. The team are reinspired by contamination precautions and the redesign of togetherness. Mediamatic itself was founded by Willem Velthoven.

Each glass cabin can contain 2 – 3 people. Waiters with gloves and face shields keep the safe distance with the customers by using long wood plank board when serving the food. They clean the cabin each time the customers leave. The Mediatic ETEN had good responses from the public in early May 2020 and they are open for the next reservations.

How to make the reservations: Subscribe to their mailing list to be first to get a table and use the button on their homepage: or No reservation available by phone. They will be open again on the first week of June and they are fully dependent on obtaining permission from local and national authorities. Click the link below to read more about the future reservation regulations: Serres Séparées Reservations – How to book a table?

Fyi, at this moment they are fully booked, you can also check out in this page about the Serre Séparées Ticket for the future reservation’ availability. Subscribe their mailing list for more update info.

Below is the Serres Séparées by Mediatic ETEN in early May 2020:

Some pictures of Serre Séparées by the Mediatic founder William Velthoven:

For more information about Mediamatic ETEN: Website – Instagram @mediamatic_eten – Facebook mediamatic.eten

Source: Mediamatic Eten Official Website, Serre Séparées RESERVATION pageInstagram of Mediamatic Eten, The Telegraph YouTube Channel, New York Times: Dutch Restaurant Trials Glass Booths for Dining Amid Coronavirus

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