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Digital Stage Of Gravity Fatique – London, United Kingdom

Hussein Chalayan is a British fashion designer and artist who is well-known for his innovative designs using art and technology, with minimalist touch. In 2015, Chalayan was approached by Alistair Spalding to create his own dance performance where he wanted the garments as the grammar for the dance movements. Supported by Belgian and French choreographer Damien Jalet to enliven his dance concept, there was the moment the theatrical work “Gravity Fatique” beautifully created.

Digital Stage of Gravity Fatique by Hussein Chalayan in Sadler’s Well Theater: Hussein Chalayan’s Gravity Fatigue will be available to watch on the Sadler’s Wells Facebook page from Friday 29 May – at 7.30pm BST. It will be made available to view for seven days on Facebook and YouTube. The Gravity Fatigue performance combined the visual creativity of Chalayan’s artistic concepts with contemporary dance. It’s realised in partnership with award-winning choreographer Damien Jalet, Yeast’s Culture Nick Hillel, sound illustrators Mode-F, and lighting designer Natasha Chivers. The production takes its inspiration from themes of identity and displacement, and the disconnection experienced in public spaces at moments of transition.

Here you can watch Behind the scenes: Hussein Chalayan at Sadler’s Wells (Gravity Fatique) Part2 :…

And behind the scene part 3:

Below you can see some of his fashion collections – Women’s Wear SS1999 and FW20/21:

For more more information about Hussein Chalayan and Sadler Wells Theater:

Hussein Chalayan: Website  – Instagram @chalayanstudio – Facebook Chalayanstudio – YouTube Channel Chalayan – Twitter @Chalayanstudio

Sadler Wells Theater: Website – Instagram @sadler_wells – YouTube Channel Sadler Wells Theater – Facebook SadlersWell – Twitter @Sadlers_Wells.

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