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The Hibatouch – Amagasaki, Japan

Sachiko Nakashioya is the person behind the idea of The Hibatouch. Sachiko Nakashioya, an employee at local ironworks Hirose Engineering Co. in Amagasaki of Hyogo Prefecture, suddenly came up with the idea of making tools to touch things when she saw her son pressed a lift button and she was afraid that he might get the Covid-19 virus.

The animal-shaped iron tool with the size 10 cm x 10 cm and weighs roughly 70 grams, can be used also for touchscreens by attaching conductive foam. They have cat and monkey shape variations.

Hirose Enginering, a factory produces various iron products including the Hibatouch, already produced and selling the it in its webstore to avoid the people from the virus when they touch door handles, press electric buttons, hold your hands on the railings. The Hirose company refers us to its official webstore Hibanas Store with the price 1,430 Yen.

Here are the images of the Hibatouch created by Sachiko Nakashioya, the Hirose Enginering employee, in Hibanas Store:…


For more information about the creator Sachiko Nakashioya and her Hibatouch:…

Sachiko Nakashioya: Instagram @sachikonakashioya.

The Hibatouch: The production company website – Hibanas webstore: – Hibanas Instagram @hibanas_hibanas.

Source: Hirose Enginering Company Website — Hibanas: The Hibatouch – No Corona — Mainichi: Ironworks in Japan hammers out animal ‘button pressers’ to avoid direct touching amid virus.