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The Five of Samsung C-Lab Inside – Seoul, South Korea

Samsung has announced to support another five new start-ups from its C-LAB Inside on Monday, 18 May 2020. The similarity of all projects supported is that all devices can be connected to smartphones. This year’s startup projects supported by Samsung are Blockbuster, Hyler, Haxby, SunnyFive and RootSensor.

Since 2015, Samsung has been supporting successful C-Lab Inside Projects that demonstrate great market potential and facilitating their launch as startups under the C-Lab spin-off policy. So far, 163 employees have established 45 startups since the inception of the C-Lab Program.

Based on Samsung Newsroom, here the statement of the company about its five new startups of C-Lab Inside in May 2020:…

Blockbuster: A video editing application.

It allows content creators to easily apply computer graphics (CG) and 3D effects to videos with their smartphones and utilizes the patented Blockbuster algorithm to generate realistic 3D CG effects by converting 2D scenes into 3D layers.

— Hyler: A smart and portable highlighter with 13mm diameter that allows analog text to be digitized and transferred to mobile devices through its removable tip.

By highlighting with Hyler, users can easily collect information and interact with it through the Hyler app. You can also clip text without leaving marks on the page, device’s tip can be replaced with an inkless one. For instance, the app’s extensive ‘search’ mode provides word information from a range of search engines and dictionaries that are directly linked to the app:…

— Haxby: an AI-based smart study service that records incorrect answers from workbooks and recommends worksheets based on the learner’s ability level.

The AI algorithm featured identifies the user’s competence level for each subject and provides customized worksheets to improve learning.

— SunnyFive/Sunnyside: A window-shaped lighting device that produces artificial sunlight. This device to help offset seasonal affective disorder.

It helps users synthesize vitamin D while they are indoors or in low-lit places without having to worry about skin aging or sunburn, and allows for brightness and color adjustment via the app.

— RootSensor a new type of sensor that records daily exposure to ultraviolet light.

It can be integrated into wearable devices, smart cars and smart buildings, where it provides a UV monitoring system that records accumulated UV exposure and provides information on skin condition and vitamin D production.

Founded in 2012, C-Lab (Creative Lab) is a Corporate Startup Incubation Program where the inventiveness of Samsung Electronics and Startups meets, and synergy is created. Samsung also supporting C-Lab Outside and many others. The C-Lab has many parts: Inside (Samsung Employees), Outside (Non-Samsung Employees), Spin-Offs (Exit Strategy for C-Lab Inside), Space, (Creative Project Space), etc. Samsung also has opened Samsung Smart City in Gumi, and it has achieved Zero Waste to Landfill Gold validation by UL, a global safety certification organization, on May 7.

Below you can see also the C-Lab Factory and Square in C-Lab Space complex built in Samsung Digital City in Suwon, South Korea – where staff holding interactive workshops and seminars with the help of multimedia solutions:…

One of C-Lab’s highest-profile companies is Swallaby, developed in 2015, it has developed an application that provides guidelines to prevent coronavirus infection and donated it to the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Since 2015, all startup companies so far has raised 45 million USD in funding over the years, but their value has more than tripled compared to the time at which they were spun off.

More info about Samsung:…

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