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10 Ways To Automate Your Life – New York, United States

Making fun and unthinkable machines.

Joseph Herscher is a kinetic artist making inventive and comical chain-reaction machines videos viewed by over 30 million people online in his YouTube Channel. He stated that his machines use everyday objects in unexpected ways – the same kind of creative thinking that leads to out-of-the-box innovation.

During the pandemic, he has been making experimental machines like “How To Pass Pepper While Social-Distancing” and collecting his past series in “What’s Your Problem” including his new machine on saving water in the shower: “10 Ways To Automate Your Life”:

He has been making fun and weird machines like: The Tooth BrusherThe Cake Server, The Page TurnerThe Lunch Feeder, and many others. He also once participated in a four-part web series Jiwi’s Machines which funded by NZ On Air and filmed in MOTAT (Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology).

One of Jiwi’s Machine series “Breakfast Machine”:

In his Patreon page, he offering various accesses to his videos, bonus behind-the-scenes clips, insider info on machine tricks, and connect with Joseph directly on a regular basis.

For more information about Joseph’s Machines:…

Website – Patreon josephsmachines – YouTube Channel Joseph’s Machines – Instagram @josephsmachines – Facebook josephsmachines – Twitter @josephsmachines.


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