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Cyril Can Capture & Crop In 2,5 Seconds – Paris, France

Cyril Diagne is a young digital artist, designer and programmer based in Paris, France. Together with Jonathan Blanchet, he recently launched new image editing program that circumvents the traditional method using a single app called AR Copy Paste available for Androids and iOS. It also copy and paste texts to desktop.

The AR (Augmented Reality) Copy Paste software simply capture an object and automatically removes the background. Then copy and paste it to the desired page. The app can be paired with Adobe products only at this moment and Cyril is developing the app to be able to pair it with many others.

Cyril stated that the cut can take about 2.5 seconds and paste about 4 seconds. From capture an object, crop, then paste it on presentation on laptop takes total 10 seconds. It is magical for all digital designers.

Watch below to see the practical use of AR Copy Paste by Cyril Diagne who is resident of Google Arts and Culture in his Twitter page:…

The former head of ECAL MI&D and co-founder LAB 212 , also provides the full source code of AR Copy Paste in Github – Cyril Diagne.

For more information about Cyril Diagne and his application AR Copy Paste:…

Cyril Diagne: Linkedin cyrildiagne – Instagram @cyril.diagne – Twitter @cyrildiagne.

AR Copy Paste: Application — Technical Information GitHub of Cyril Diagne On AR Copy Paste — AR Copy Printed Text Info AR Copy Paste of Texts Technical Information.


Source: AR Copy Paste tool allows users to capture images of physical objects and drop them into a computer — Cyril Diagne TwitterGitHub of Cyril Diagne on Technical AR Copy Paste —