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Dropkick To Cross – Melbourne, Australia

ODO (One Design Office) is a multidisciplinary design practised based in Melbourne, Australia. Together with Greenpoint Media, they presented “Dropkick” – a handsfree pedestrian crossing button with light indicator, placed at the certain height where people can push it with their feet. This handsfree button created in order to to reduce the transmission of germs during the world pandemic. At night the dropkick’s light also serves as a visual safety indicator to motorists

The low position of dropkick button can be fitted with the current crossing button:…

The Dropkick button. Image by ODO.

The Dropkick with the feet kick level. Image by ODO.

Can also be combined with the old press button.

The PB/5 (Pedestrian Button), originally designed by Australian industrial designer David Wood from Nielsen Design shaped like a pill. The Audio-Tactile Pedestrian Detector” (ATPD), is a successful Australian design that has been populating towns and cities across Australia since 1984 and exported to international countries. The button, commissioned by the then NSW Department of Main Roads, addressed pedestrians’ safety at traffic light crossings and, most notably, the growing concerns for the safety of vision and hearing-impaired pedestrians.

For more information about ODO, Greenpoint Media, and Nielsen Design:…

ODO: Website – Instagram @onedesignoffice.

Greenpoint Media Website: – Instagram @greenpointmedia.

Nielsen Design: Website

Source: ‘dropkick’ is a handsfree pedestrian crossing button for a post pandemic world — ODO Website — Opinion: Sublime design: the PB/5 pedestrian button — Sublime design of the PB/5 pedestrian button.