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The Bubble Party – Portland, United States

Steve Jarvis is a British multidisciplinary creative based in Portland, Oregon – created “The Bubble Party” and listed as Industrial Design winner of Fountain Of Hygiene, a Sanitiser Design Competition with 182 entries on 21 May 2020, to raise money for British Red Cross.

The Bubble Party is a machine that creates sanitizing bubbles. The experience of hand sanitizer in the form of a floating bubble clouds, in the air blast off from the machine which is much easier to use than passing on bottles of sanitizer liquid from hand to hand.

The material of the Bubble Party is easy to be cleaned: glass, copper, and ceramic. The machine can be actived with a simple gesture, no contact, and simple timed bubble.

The machine consisting: machine base/bottom, liquid chamber, ceramic air filter, air/liquid channels (copper), shroud (glass), liquid tray (with motor), and bubble turning frame. It has variations of base and shrouds:…

Parts of the Bubble Party machine by Steve Jarvis.

It has base and shroud variations.

For more information about Steve Jarvis:…

Website – Linkedin steve-jarvis – Instagram @stevejarvisdesign.


Source: Fountain Of Hygiene – Sanitiser Design Competition — Steve Jarvis Instagram.