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i-D Summer School – London, United Kingdom

i-D, a global platform for emerging talents that celebrates fashion, culture, individuality, and youth – will be presenting i-D’s Summer School with Hazel, the i-D’s Contributing Editor on YouTube – starting Thursday, July 9 2020.

This time i-D is giving you access to their collaborators, the stylists and photographers, designer and directors who create thei-D’s world with courses inspired by the “Learn and Pass it on” ethos on which the magazine was built.

i-D’s Summer School teams up with leading industry names for a series of video workshops and how-to guides, so you can continue to create, learn and network from home.

First topic is “How to pitch your story to a magazine” by the i-D’s Editor-in-Chief Alastair McKimm, who gets interviewed by the i-D’s Contributing Editor.

“Not only must we keep our community of creatives close, connecting and sharing and inspiring each other, but also to give them access to our platforms that everyone can share the vast audience that we’re so lucky to have,” says Alastair. “I’d love to take this opportunity to really harness our creativity.”

Here is the first i-D Summer School introduction:…

The i-D summer school is the place where you can get free education on fashion education fundamentals. It will see mentors issue a brief to anyone who applies , from which we make a selection to be critiqued and developed.

This is the chance to get or work seen by industry professionals.


About i-D: the fashion magazine that has been being consistent source of inspiration in fashion culture since 1980 and since then it quickly earned its position at the vanguard of fashion and style, abiding by the premise of originate – don’t imitate, around the world. And with the wink and smile on each front cover – a graphic representation of the magazine’s logo – have become integral to the i-D identity and presenting the world’s fashion elite, the great and the grounded. Below are Selena Gomez and Greta Thunberg as the i-D cover face:…


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Source: Introducing i-D’s Summer School — Alastair McKimm Instagram.