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Show In A Box – London, United Kingdom

The changes on annual fashion calendar have been a main topic in fashion industry since the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. The  fashion shows will be turned into digital starting next week. Many designer took different decisions on their shows, some skip the entire season, some hold digital one, etc.

And JW Anderson’s team do a different one by delivering to editors and friends, “A Show In A Box” for his Spring/Summer 2021 menswear and Resort 2021 womenswear collections.

The box has one single goal: conveying a sense of optimism.

The cardboard box contains: an assortment of images, textures, strips of fabrics, handmade nails, cotton strips, unfolding papers, printed cards, masks, posters, dried flowers. There was a handmade and homespun feel to it, a return to craftiness and DIY, patchworks, clashing colours and juxtaposing textures.

Below are some of menswear collection of Spring Summer 2021 in the box:…


The clothes displayed on wooden mannequins and there are delicate pressed flowers, squares of fabric samples, colourful affirmation cards reading slogans like “Keep looking up” and a mask blown-up faces by Spanish illustrator Pol Anglada.

In a handwritten letter, JW Anderson wrote: “At a time of uneven connections, I thought the show should come to you. The portable format is playful, engaging, and well, connective. This is what interest me: the moment and being present.”

For more information about JW Anderson:…
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Source: JW Anderson on the show in the box — JW Anderson Presents a Fashion Show for the Coronavirus Age — JW Anderson is reinventing the fashion show in the era of COVID-19.

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