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From Waste To Material – Copenhagen, Denmark

This week on Tuesday, 7 July 2020 at 17.00 – 18.00 CEST, you are invited to learn about biodegradable binders and vegetal fibers in materials that be used for fabricating furniture with Katya Bryskina and Tomás Clavijo from SPACE10 in Copenhagen. Click here to register the Webinar.

The project’s called “Bio-Fold” project, where all the biodegradable materials were cast and shaped using IKEA FRAKTA shopping bag.

Agricultural production disposes great amounts of waste in the form of vegetal fibres. On a global scale, the natural by-products show significant promise for the production of biodegradable composite materials, or simply biocomposites.

Biocomposites are formed by mixing vegetal fibres with a natural binder (such as plant-based resin or bicarbonates) and compressing the material into a solid form.

Using simple household tools and the ubiquitous FRAKTA bag to cast and shape the bio composite means that this process could be used by anyone, anywhere, to create circular furniture from their own home.


With the bag’s folding logic, they designed five furniture prototypes, including a chair, a shelving system, two tables, and a stool. Each based on the dimensions of the reconstructed FRAKTA shopping bag.


To dispose of the furniture, simply treat it as you would with any other organic waste — head to your nearest biowaste station, or let it decompose in nature.

Barkas, an independent brand studio collaborate with companies, including Studio10 to create identity. One of them is the identity for IKEA’ research and design lab. SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to enable a better everyday life for people and planet.

For more information about Katya Bryskina, Tomas Clavijo, Barkas, Studio10:…

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SPACE10: Website – Instagram @space10 – Twitter @space10_journal – Facebook space10journal – GitHub space10-community.

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