The Lamp Can Read – Seongnam, South Korea

With innovative OCR technology, this smart reading lamp can read books to children and develop children’s interest in reading a book.

South Korean technology company Naver Corp has developed a smart reading light called Clova Lamp that helps children to cultivate healthy reading habits by narrating their books aloud. A list of completed books can be stored by the device.

With computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, the lamp is able to convert the text and images from a book into speech, while an integrated virtual assistant can explain the meaning of words and answer kids’ questions to help them learn.

Clova Lamp by Naver Corp - Seongnam, South Korea Clova Lamp by Naver Corp - Seongnam, South Korea.

“Clova Lamp reads out books that are placed underneath it when the ‘read’ button is hit or a voice command is given,” said James Kim, the Naver design team leader, to Dezeen.

And another function as a light, the device is able to sense the environmental factors that can influence the reading experience and provide a responsive light that is easy on the eyes. It automatically senses the brightness of the surroundings and picks one of five lighting levels to match.

Clova Lamp by Naver Corp - Seongnam, South Korea Clova Lamp by Naver Corp - Seongnam, South Korea.

The colour temperature has four modes – reading, creativity, repair and sleep – which were designed based on a pool of data around different learning environments.

The product, a reader and a lamp – takes the form of a classic desk lamp, rendered in matte white, shock-resistant plastic, with a hemispherical head that is angled down towards the desk. It holds a ring-shaped LED light with a small camera at its centre, which uses image recognition technology to decode illustrations and identifies written words using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


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Source: Smart Reading Lamp CLOVA Lamp — Clova Lamp is an AI-powered light that reads books to children.