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[In]Brace / TONG – Cologne, Germany

“A pianist might flip his digital note sheets with his tongue while playing or an skier could remote his music player or smartphone with his tongue while skiing,” said the material and interaction designer from Cologne, Dorothee Clasen.

[In]Brace or TONG by Dorothee Clasen is a tongue based device that allows an interaction between human and machine with Wi-Fi transmitter, located behind the user’s ear. By moving the round magnetic back and forward the user can give an input. The input signal can send signals to other electronic devices like computers or IOT objects.

To introduce: [In]Brace by Dorothee Clasen in Cologne. Image by Dorothee Clasen in Dezeen. To introduce: [In]Brace by Dorothee Clasen in Cologne. Image by Dorothee Clasen. Posted in Dezeen.

Controlling the direction and movement of an object with the tongue is familiar and the user only focuses on sense of touch as the input.

To play games with the device, the user is required to develop a certain tongue-eye coordination. At first, to control the movement of a object is quite challenging, but after that it is an amazing and bit mysterious form of interaction.

The concept of the tongue computer interface: at the beginning of the project, Clasen looked at the status quo of haptic interfaces and how human interact through touch with objects. As many interfaces address the human hand or fingertip, she decided to focused on another body part and decided to use the human mouth as an interface area, as stated in her official website

For future applications, the device could be used in physiotherapy for patients to train their tongue movements. Also used during specific task forces, where the users eyes, feet, and hands are occupied by other tasks.


For more information about Dorothee Classen: Website – Behance Dorothee Clasen – YouTube Chanel Doro. C – Instagram @dorothee.clasen.

Source: TONG – A Tongue Computer Interface — YouTube Channel of Dorothee Clasen — [In]Brace allows users to control a computer with their tongue.




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