The Carwash Furniture – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

As they enter our home space, the objects become friends. They want to interact and to be seen outside their own territory.

A young interior designer, Carlijn Olde Beverborg takes machines from their own habitat and translates them into the interior as objects in Carwash Collection

The carwash machines have been transformed into friendly interior pieces with a cuddly mixture of soft layers and metal which will be presented during the virtual Dutch Design Week 2020.

The Carwash Collection consists of three unique carwash objects, taken into the home from Brush Pouf, Mitter Table, and Machinic Mitter Table which also clean your floor. 

To introduce: Carwash Collection by Carlijn Olde Beverborg. Image by Magdalena Wierzbicka. To introduce: Carwash Collection by Carlijn Olde Beverborg. Image by Magdalena Wierzbicka.

According to DDW, the collection was born from the designer’s fascination for mechanical creatures the collection consists of three carwash objects that can be experienced outside the mechanical space.

The Machinic Mitter Table lingers around the house with its glass top and metal frame floating on thick layers of PET felt. The machinic table has two function as a cleaner and a table on the rest mode, the Mitter Table. And the Brush Pouf interacts with the user, invites him to take a seat, spin around and pet its hair. 

By featuring their machinic – yet animistic qualities – Carlijn Olde Beverborg encourages people to build a relationship with objects. In her work, objects are considered equals, a source of intimacy and companionship. Since both humans and objects seem to struggle for their acknowledgment and presence the work compels you to think about the desire to see others and to be seen by others.


For more information about Carlijn Olde Beverborg: Website – Facebook Carlijn Olde Beverborg – YouTube Carlijn Olde Beverborg – LinkedIn Carlijn Olde Beverborg – Instagram @carlijnoldebeverborg.

Source: Info about Carlijn Olde Beverborg — The Carwash Collection — The introduction of the Machinic Mitter Table.