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MAKE Land – Cardiff, United Kingdom

We’re not trend forecasting. We’re simply telling that story and finding liberation within that restriction.It is about seeing possibility where others see restriction. MAKE do and mend. In an interview with ID Magazine, the founder of fashion label MAKE, telling us about the sustainable practices, the communities, and how restriction is actually a possibility.

MAKE, a Welsh fashion brand made from 100% surplus cloth – is committed to a premise of adapting resourceful and imaginative new practice to unisex fashion, at the highest taste level. MAKE label based in Cardiff, Wales – is about sustainability, the people, making connections and creating a better future for the world and the communities that live in it.

To introduce: MAKE sustainable label from Welsh. Image by MAKE Team. To introduce: MAKE sustainable label from Welsh. Image by MAKE Team.

On sustainability, the founder of MAKE, Sam Osborne shared his experience – having worked in textile design and development for 20 years and witnessed fashion’s waste problem first hand. MAKE work exclusively with surplus materials from around the world, a sourcing process that has influenced the label’s eclectic aesthetic. “The ranges tend to be influenced by where we’re getting the fabrics from at the time. We’re not necessarily working towards trends,” Sam explained.

The ethos of MAKE is simple: search hard for the best available fabrics, work with smaller quantities. Most factories have stockpiles of surplus materials somewhere, just got to go looking and find them.

On communities. MAKE is close to the local communities, so in Homeworkers, a free downloaded MAKE magazine – where we can see their portrait study of friends that work at home that was shot before most of them started working from home in lockdown. People that Sam met throughout his years spent surfing on the Welsh coast who craft locally produced wetsuits and surfboards. It shows that the artists and collaborators have been working closely with the MAKE brand and bringing behind-the-scenes into the foreground.

To introduce: MAKE sustainable label from Welsh. Image by Sebastian Bruno. To introduce: MAKE sustainable label from Welsh. Image by Sebastian Bruno.

Instead of looking outwards to the fashion industry, MAKE look at local communities, connecting them with other creative communities around the world. To see how important this idea of community is for the brand look no further than their fanzines. 

The MAKE team also has been working on material biodegradable development and working on a fabric with resistance weave, a high abrasion material that lasts a very long time but it has an enzyme built into the yarn, so it eats itself when it’s buried. Biodegradable is where we see the future of fabric going.


For more information about Welsh: Website – Instagram @make__land.

Source: About MAKESustainable Welsh label MAKE wants to ‘end surplus’ — Home Workers Vol. 1.