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Wray The NY Street Tailor – New York, United States

A lot of people do think like fast fashion clothes is only supposed to last them for that season of trend, but it’s still material at the end of the day. Like, it’s still can be made into something,” said Makayla Wray, a young and talented American fashion designer, during the interview with Business Insider.

While lots of retailers were hit so hard during the pandemic, some secondhand shop showing positif scale in sales during spring time this year where people started selling old clothes and buying secondhand ones – the similar mindset Makayla can relate to.

The fashion designer who is based in New York city, has been focusing on merging the eccentric high-end fashion with the streetwear. And after the pandemic hit hard the world’s economy, Wray is now taking the NY street to be a street seamstress, mending clothes from a push cart and also aiming to reduce fast fashion waste.

“There’s a lot of waste that goes into manufacturing and just the disposal of other people’s clothes, period. If we can just stop buying, they would stop producing and if we are reusing that would also stop waste,” Wray said.

Makayla Wray, 29, works as a seamstress for a vintage textile designer during the day, but at night she’s running her own mobile tailor shop on an old cart stationed on Houston Street between Mulberry and Mott, threenights a week.

“In the morning I make runway clothes, then I come in at night to hem the little guys,” she told The New York Post. During the weekends, her apartment doubles as workshop and extra storage space, where she saved lots of fabrics.

Wray would make jackets, hats, vest, and pants from vintage materials that used to cover boats. “I would like to normalize people rewearing and saving their clothing,” Wray explained on her mission on sustainability.

The idea to start a small business on a cart, started when she was on her part time job as a barista on a cart on the other area. Her cart is inherited from her ex-boss, Byron Kaplan, at Peddler – which Wray made a deal with Kaplan to take over his old coffee rig at the beginning of June, during the pandemic hit.

Fashion Design is the medium for Makayla Wray’s artistic expression. It is drawn by everyday thoughts, lifestyles, experiences, music, art, and culture.


For  more information about Makayla Wray: Website – Facebook Makayla Wray – LinkedIn Makalay Wray – Instagram – @moomoomaw.

Source: NYC Street Tailor Aims To Reduce Fast Fashion WasteHigh-end designer takes to streets to help keep New Yorkers looking sharp — Meet the NYC street tailor mending clothes from a pushcart.

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