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Representing The Underrepresented- Stockholm, Sweden

Spreading cultural awareness through creative outlets is the mission of FIIRI.

FIIRI, founded by Mona M. Ali is Scandinavian’s first inclusive models and diverse talent agency for BIPOC – by BIPOC. It is rooted in the desire and demand for racial representation in the fashion and creative industry.

How did Ali start FIIRI? There was when a huge billboard with an advert of foundation beauty product for dark-skinned model, but in the store only 20 white skin color shades and nothing else because people don’t buy them. “But people don’t buy them because you don’t have them,” explaines Mona M. Ali to Sorcha McCrory, Managing Editor at Scandinavia Standard. That was the start of the idea of starting a fashion agency for BIPOC.

To introduce: Model Prince Asare - FIIRI agency by Mona M. Ali. Image by FIIRI. To introduce: Model Joseph Rubin - FIIRI agency by Mona M. Ali. Image by FIIRI.

In an interview with Scandinavian Standard, she explained that after her BA study in London and working in affiliate marketing, managing talent, doing styling production for 10 years – Ali launched FIIRI before moving back to Stockholm because she wanted to focus on the representation of people with color. She has witnessed first-hand the negative ramifications of a lack of diversity at decision-making levels, from pay inequality to treatment onset. So, FIIRI was born, not out of choice but necessity.

By not defining “diversity” by one race, FIIRI encourages the individual creativity of BIPOC talents in front of the camera and behind the scenes. For Ali, this platform is her way to correct an inequality of opportunity and break the “evil circle.”

To introduce: Stylist Fernando Torres of FIIRI agency by Mona M. Ali. Image by FIIRI. To introduce: Stylist Fernando Torres of FIIRI agency by Mona M. Ali. Image by FIIRI.

In the official website of FIIRI, it is also explained about their services. The agency offers mentorship for BIPOC youth in all fashion/creative industries and cultural awareness consultation for brands and companies seeking to appropriately improve their diversity as a team and as a brand.

FIIRI agencies, based in Sweden and Denmark – seeks to represents women, men & non-binary professionals of color in the following creative roles: Modeling – Photography – Fashion Styling – Hair Styling – Makeup Artistry – Creative Direction.


For more information about Fiiri Agency: Website – Facebook FIIri Agency – Instagram @fiiriagency.

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