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Celebrating Preloved Fashion – California, United States

The fashion industry’s current efforts toward sustainability are not moving fast enough to counteract its rapid growth. The industry carbon impact is on pace to create irreversible damage to our planet, and therefore to us, as early as 2024. 

Display Copy is a new fashion magazine premiered online and on newstands on October 22nd this week that focusing on vintage, secondhand, pre-loved fashion items – with four print covers well-known model featuring Paloma Elsesser, Saskia De Brauw, Hélène Fillières and Noah Carlos – shot by photographers Mark Borthwick, Daniel Jackson, Amy Troost and Andy Harrington.

The sustainability editor of the magazine breaks down the life cycle of clothes and recommends more regenerative practices for the garments we choose. 

To introduce: Display Copy Magazine debut. Image by Daniel Jackson.

The mission of Display Copy is to provide the best inspiration, curation, and selection of vintage items with which to dress, adorn  protect and express yourself withour causing further damage to our planet

The biannual magazine doesn’t feature a single new fashion item. “The idea was to make used clothes desirable. Display Copy isn’t about promoting new products, it’s about loving what we already have and seeking out novelty and style in what already exists. We promote reuse by showcasing the thrifted, the found, the recycled, and the upcycled,” said Brynn Heminway, the editor of the magazine. 

To introduce: Buggin_ - Display Copy Magazine and shop debut- Saskia De Brauw. Image by Display Copy To introduce: Couture Jacket Chanel 1962 - Display Copy magazine and shop debut - Image by: Display Copy

In their official website, the team stated that Display Copy is here because we believe it is our reponsinility to help to shape the future of fashion into one that is more circular. By purchasing new fashion items, we contribute to climate change, even if those items are considered sustainable. Simply put, buying vintage fashion is a way to disengage from the damaging global supply chain.

Choosing to wear vintage and pre-owned clothing activates a circular fashion economy, subsequently diverting waste from landfills.

You can buy the magazine and check interesting vintage items in Display Copy Shop section with information of image, price, and where to buy.


For more information about Display Copy magazine: Website – Facebook Display Copy – Twitter @DisplayCopy – Pinterest Display Copy – Instagram @displaycopyofficial.

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