Massive Murals For Abandoned Potteries – Oviedo, Spain

A passionate classical painter from Spain who has been using walls as his canvas, Manolo Mesa – learned from his older brother about graffiti during his high school in 2001. Since then it has become his hobby and his job – first as graffiti writer then mural classical painter. 

Manolo Mesa has been exploring the history of an abandoned pottery factory in 90s since 2018, including postwar ceramics which were inherited and preserved by collectors in San Claudio. Collaborations with many festivals and artists to paint potteries on buildings has been done around Europe. Since 2018, collaborations with many street and urban arts festivals, curators and other artists to paint potteries on buildings has been done. 

And for Parees Fest 2020, a mural intervention festival of Oviedo, in Spain, the organizers gathered tableware from local residents, a collection that informed the shapes and exterior motifs of his work. “I was able to see all the evolution of this earthenware in the houses of Oviedo. I found postwar pieces, which were inherited and preserved with great affection by collectors. We saw (the) tableware of a lifetime from the middle of the century,” said Mena.

“The crockery of San Claudio was part of the identity, and the history of oviedo, and everyone wanted to be part of it by having that white crockery in their homes,” said the classical painting artist with original name, Manuel.

“The pottery factory of San Claudio provided for generations many jobs throughout this region with its molds, glazes, traces, and hand-painted decorations in a time when popular painters from the area were counted on to represent particular asturian landscapes in each collection,” the artist said in his instagram page, which also reported in other news platform.

To introduce: Manolo Mesa - classical painting on potteries in Rouen - Olivier Landes for ArtEnVille. Image by A. L. Vrego. To introduce: Manolo Mesa on his classical painting on potteries - DesOrders Creativa. Image by A. L. Vrego.

About his inspiration as a young classical painter, here what he said during interview with I Support Street Art (ISSA) in August 23, 2017: “Well, I usually like to walk and think about observing the street, I’m inspired by my own experiences, a long journey from my city, El Puerto de Santa María, where I live now in Paris. I consider myself a very spiritual person, and in every place where I am, I identify with many experiences that I have lived since my childhood, and that anthropologically they look very interesting.”


For more information about Manolo Mesa: Website – Facebook Manolo Mesa – Flickr La Mesa – Instagram @manolo_mesa.

Source: Multi-Story Murals Showcase Domesticity through Elegant Ceramic Tableware — manolo mesa pays tribute to an abandoned pottery factory in oviedo with massive muralManolo Mesa. Mural homenaje a la fábrica de loza de San Claudio. Parees fest 2020.