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Easy Breathing With Lacunal – Fukuoka, Japan

Lacunal is a 3-dimensional support frame designed to ease breathing when wearing a neck tube or a buff for running, trekking or other forms of workout, created by Kazunori Takeishi, an architect who is proficient in 3D modelling and design.

Lacunal is named after ‘lacuna’ which refers to an empty space or gap. The arch structure sits on the nose and chin, creating a ‘lacuna’ or space between the fabric of the buff and the nose and mouth, allowing greater comfort with breathing and hence improves athletic performance. The use of Lacunal can greatly ease discomfort and even lower the risk of a heat stroke. Lacunal can be used with neck tube, buff, or fabric masks.

Lacunal is produced one by one via 3D printing laser sintering technology, made in lightweight nylon plastic, and can be customized to fit individual facial sizes, check the Monocircus Webshop to order. Kazunori Takeishi is also the Silver A’Design Award winner in 2014 – 2015 with his design: The Bow Tie. Together with a Singaporean artist, Lim Shin Ee, he started MONOCIRCUS design studio in 2011, based in Fukuoka, Japan.

For more information about Kazunori Takeishi and Monocircus: Website – YouTube monocircus.

Source: Lacunal by Monocircus — 3D printed support frame eases breathing through neck tubes — Monocircus Webshop: The Lacunal — Kazunori Takeishi The BowTie Bow Tie.