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Terraplanter – New York, United States

A new way of planting.

Based in New York, Terraplanter team created a dirt-free planter made of a ceramic material that allows plants to gradually absorb the water that seeps out on the surface and grow without soil, called also Terraplanter.

We can use nutrient-rich water to grow plants anywhere, indoors, in deserts, on the International Space Station. It’s simple, clean, low-maintenance and hydroponic. Hydroponics is basically the ability to foster plant growth without soil. The Terraplanter product has raised more than $5 million in crowdfunding in kickstarter.

The Terraplanter team are Eran Zahri, Elad Burko, Roy Burko – created the proprietary ceramic material that has just the right amount of porosity and hygroscopic tendencies to allow water to diffuse through the material and allow the plant to grow on the surface of the material.Electron microscope at 1,000x magnification.

Terraplanter meets the needs of plants to grow: hold seeds on the surface while they sprout, hold water for plant roots to drink, provide a shape and texture that would allow plant roots to grip the surface. It is reusable and we can peel the old plants:…

How it works: The terraplanter is a vessel that acts as a water bank. The water is held in the vessel and is slowly diffused through the material to the cells on the surface for the plant to drink.

Terraplabter is a user-friendly product and an optimal solution for plants to thrive indoors.


For more information about Terraplanter:

Terraplanter: Website — Website Kickstarter App – Terraplanter — Facebook @terraplanter — Instagram @terraplanter — YouTube Terraplanter.

Source: THIS FUTURISTIC ALEXA SHAPED PLANTER THAT LETS YOU GROW PLANTS WITHOUT ANY SOIL! — Planters to grow plants on ceramic surfaces… raise over $5 million — terraplanter – visibly follow the journey from seed to plant.