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Beauty In Diversity – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The beauty of beauty, humanity, and diversity.

Inspired by the master painters from the Dutch Golden Age, Justine Tjallinks, a young, artistic, and self-taught photographer based in Amsterdam, presenting visuals feature muted colors, impeccable composition, and uses fashion as an additional mean of expression. She aims to capture the uniqueness of individuals and the diversity of human beauty, often backed by a story of social importance.

Even though a sense of nostalgia speaks through her art, the aim is to always remain in line with the contemporary zeitgeist. Most of the models are with no face expression visualizing the beauty of quietness.

Sandra, 22 years old has Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder. Sandra list alk of her hair at the age of 4. Image: © JUSTINE TJALLINKS

In June 3, 2020, Justine Tjallinksimage of Amber Vanderweert has been listed as one of 200 images in Portrait of Humanity award by BBC. It’s taken before lockdown restrictions:…

A child with progeria, a rare medical condition, poses for a portrait

A 13-year-old Amber Vanderweert. She has progeria, an extremely rare condition that causes the body to age very rapidly. Image © JUSTINE TJALLINKS.


For more info about Justine Tjallinks: Website – Facebook Justine Tjallinks Photography  – Instagram @justinetjallinks – YouTube Justine Tjallinks.

Source: BBC: Portraits of Humanity shortlist revealedRepresented Artist: Justine Tjallinks — Biography: Justine Tjallinks.