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Aggregate Habitat – Clarendon, United States

One of the world’s largest and self-supporting papier-mâché structures built on a Texas ranch in Clarendon. The 20 x 8 ft  prototypal eco-dwelling formed by casting papier-mâché strips into sculpted holes in the ground.

This Agg Hab project (short for Aggregate Habitat) by I/Thee and Roundhouse Platform, used 270 pounds of recycled paper mixed with 200 litres handmade adhesive (animals and toxins free) which was cast in large holes in the ground before the prototype home being flipped over. It is built for the 2020 Oakes Creek Residency.

US Architecture Agg Hab by i thee and Roundhouse Platform

The Agg Hab’s aperture and natural surface. Image by: Neal Lucas Hitch, the Co-Founder of I/Thee.

The Agg Hab features a series of round openings in the paper structures that form apertures to let in natural light and doorways to enter inside. There are no perfect and the formal language of the habitat follows cues from those found in nature: the contours of the domes perfectly matching those of the excavated dirt, the surface of the paper stained with a plethora of natural, earthen tones.

US Architecture Agg Hab by i thee and Roundhouse Platform

The inside of the Agg Hab. Being in there is like stowing away in the belly of a whale just below the surface of the ocean. Image by Neal Lucas Hitch, the Co-Founder of I/Thee..

Some of the “Agg Hab” construction process information in ArchDaily: The process of construction started with the digging of two mirrored holes, each four-and-a-half feet deep — These holes were then cast with multiple layers of an organic, papier-mâché mixture consisting of various recycled papers and non-toxic glues — Next, the casts were removed from their respective holes and flipped over to form duplicate, bulbous, paper shells, measuring four millimeters thick and spanning over twenty feet — Finally, the shells were each moved on top of the adjacent formwork, letting the inverted form of one hole become a paraboloid cap to the other that encloses the structure.

To know about the details of the “Agg Hab” conplete process and project team, the More Specs in ArchDaily here.


For more information about I/Thee and Roundhouse Platform IThee Design and Roundhouse Platform:

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Source: About IThee Design — I/Thee builds prototype papier-mache home on Texas cattle farm — Agg Hab Prototypal Eco-Dwelling / i/thee + Roundhouse Platform.