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Convert Scraps Into Solutions – Johor, Malaysia

HengHiap Industries - beach cleaning. Image by HengHiap Industries.

“I don’t believe there is global plastics pollution problems – but there is global plastic ignorance problem. It is actually a substance with a lot of hidden values,” – the statement delivered by the Managing Director of HengHiap Industries, Mr. Seah Kian Hoe to Endeavor Malaysia.

HengHiap Industries (HHI), formed in 2002, is an advanced plastic collector, recycler, and manufacturer company based in Johor, Malaysia – that successfully audited for the Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) standards. The company,  is capable of customizing the raw materials such as PP, PE & PET into spec materials for customers. It is a closed loop company system that using plastic waste as feedstocks.

This year, HHI has won the Smart Waste Solutions Technology Innovation Award, a Best Practises Award by Frost & Sullivan, a growth partnership company focused on guiding clients achieve transformational growth.

The HHI has developed technology to safely break down plastic waste into clean and sustainable raw materials for biodegradable containers, automotive components, home appliances, indoor fire-retardant appliances and high-density polyethylene pipes. It has 600 formulas for its smart plastic products, which are sold in many countries. For the production, they don’t use starch of corn nor potato, but they use their own protein formula. When HHI products (for example: a flower pot) thrown into the landfills, the bacteria will eat the plastic pot then compose it just like wood and plants. The closed loop system company transforms plastic scrap into Smart Plastics.

In HengHiap, they have few category such as rPP/rHDPE customizing, Ocean Plastic, rPET and many more. From the categories mentioned, HHI is serving 8 different industry all over the world, Plashaus: gardening, household, paint bucket, industrial handling, automotive, home appliances, construction, HDPE Pipes.

HHI also taking metal wastes, managed by the Managing Director HH Metal, Mr. Johnny Seah. For the simple understanding of the recycle process in general: the HHI teams picks up and buys recycables of all kinds like plastics, papers, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals from customers – identify the weight on weighing machine – sort the materials in the sorting department – go through twice segregations – place them into shredders cut into tiny forms of scraps into a conveyor – go to another segregation to separate the non-ferrous materials and dust – convert them into specialized plastic materials, electrical conductive, or renewable energy, etc. The materials then made into products and also sold to other company products such as auto parts and furnitures.

HHI stands proudly at the forefront of developing innovation plastics technologies with more than 70% of its output, in the form of premium product PLASHAUS, has been exported to more than 33 countries. 


For more information about Heng Hiap Industries: Website – Facebook Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd  – YouTube HENG HIAP INDUSTRIES SDN BHD.

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