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FORM FUNCTION FOOTPRINT – Beaverton, United States

To introduce: NIKE Sportswear Marble Ecodown Jacket. Image by NIKE Team.

“There is no innovation without sustainability,” says Nike’s chief operating officer, Eric Sprunk in 2018.

Yesterday on September 28th, 2020 – NIKE announced a new jacket piece called Nike NSW Marble Ecodown Jacket made of 100% recycled polyester which will be available this fall on Nike App and at and select retailers. 

According to Jessica Lomax, the Nike Senior Creative Director of Women’s Sportswear – about the Nike NSW Marble Ecodown Jacket: a jacket in general should be durable, lightweight, and insulate us from the cold. From there, it is developed based on these three questions:
1. Can we choose friendlier materials?
2. Can we use patterns or trims differently to cut back on waste?
3. Where do we source common features like zippers? Can we use recycled ones?

For the jacket, they used a 100 percent recycled, transparent polyester shell to help keep plastic out of landfills and also 100 percent recycled Thermore Ecodown marble insulation. The shell and lining fabrics are out of a semi-sheer repel ripstop. It is a durable and comfortable jacket that helps repel wind and water.

To introduce: NIKE Sportswear Marble Ecodown Jacket. Image by NIKE Team. To introduce: NIKE Sportswear Marble Ecodown Jacket. Image by NIKE Team.

The look of the down jacket is similar to Nike Sportswear Synthetic-Fill Women’s Parka jacket, but the new NSW Marble Ecodown Jacket has a 90 percent or better marker efficiency and helps keep unused material to a minimum. For the details and finishing in the jacket, they incorporated 78% recycled polyester binding on the sleeves and use 100% recycled polyester on the Nike-branded webbing that highlights the hand pockets.

It is not the first time for NIKE to take action on sustainability for their products.  For example The SPACE Hippie that using 25 – 30% of recycled rubbish for the shoe line under the mission: create a shoe with our lowest carbon footprint. Also Air Max Shoes which reuse more than 90% of the waste from materials used for our Air soles to make new, innovative cushioning systems.

Since 2010, NIKE has diverted more than 7 billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester. Starting on the same year, they’ve been on a drive toward 100% sustainable cotton – the certified organic cotton, recycled cotton and the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) are three ways that they are pushing sustainability in their materials.

In the Reuse-A-Shoe mission, NIKE invites people that recycle their sneakers and transform them into Nike Grind material, used in performance products and sport surfaces because waste should not be wasted.


For more information about NIKE: Website – Facebook Nike –  Twitter @Nike – YouTube Nike – Instagram @nike.

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