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Clothes Is My Home – Tokyo, Japan

To introduce: ANREALAGE SS21 by Kunihiko Morinaga. Image by: ANREALAGE.

“Home can be worn like a garment and a garment can be a home.”

At the foot of Mount Fuji, in the rural scenery of Asagiri Natural Park, eighteen three-dimensional polyhedral tents arranged in colorful triangles were set up as if they were villages to present the Spring Summer 2021 season collection of ANREALAGE by Kunihiko Morinaga in an 11-minutes video presentation of his Home collection where “all clothes that look like a small house, covering everything from the tip of your head to the tip of your feet,” said Kunihiko in his explanation in the Official Website of ANREALAGE.

The Japanese Kunihiko Morinaga is well-known for his unique transformation in fashion pattern and technology in his garments along his fashion career where the pattern shape around a square box can be taken off and worn as clothes on human body with unique shape.

And for his latest collection “HOME“, he translates it in narration: Clothes like a home – A home like clothes – Home-like clothes – A house like clothes, where the each pattern shape of the tent can be transformed into a unique shaped garment. The etymology of the word home means “the place where you will finally come back.”

For the parachute-like fabric, the neon antiviral textiles, in the collection, Morinaga did a collaboration with Japanese manufacturer Shikibo Ltd., to combine antibacterial copper and polyester fibers with their antiviral treated textile, originally developed to protect against influenza. “I wanted to find a way to connect fashion with medical,” Morinaga said.

Here some lines by Kunihiko Morinaga, posted in his official ANREALAGE website about his latest collection:…

Home wear.

What connects clothing and housing.
What connects clothes and home.

Based on six polyhedra, sphere, tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron, I regarded clothes as a movable house. All made with specially developed neon antiviral textiles.

Clothes do not cover the entire body.
No matter what clothes you wear, a part of your body will be exposed.

The house covers the whole body.
Being at home protects people.

Besides the collaboration with Japanese manufacturer Shikibo Ltd., Morinaga also worked together with Kengo Kuma for the sculptural headpieces as lampshades and the patchwork neon looks glow in the dark. Also Spingle, en types of bags and accessories with transparent resin handles with dried flowers, such as handbags, leather square bags, and canvas tote bags, have been unveiled as a new brand called “ANEVER” which will be ready in shop in March 2021.

To introduce: The head architect by architect Kengo Kuma. Image by ANREALAGE.

Based on the bio information in the official website, ANREALAGE was established by designer Kunihiko Morinaga in 2003. ANREALAGE means A REAL-everyday, UN REAL-unusual, AGE-era. Focusing on the unrealistic twists of everyday life in everyday life, the starting point of design is drawn from the trivial things that may be overlooked.


For more information about ANREALAGE: Website – Facebook Anrealage – YouTube ANREALAGE – Twitter @ANREALAGE – Instagram @anrealage_official.

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