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Slowing Down The Fast Fashion Industry Around The World

The pandemic has caused drastic changes in the way people spend their money on many things including fashion, ending the extreme consumerism, but also the right time for us to change on how the fast fashion production cycles. Since 1990s, many fast fashion retail brands has offered us cheaper clothing versions – copied from the fashion catwalks right after the international fashion weeks (New York, London, Paris, Italy) – with shorter production cycle as fast as once per 3 months or even less, with much cheaper price, lower qualities, and lack of transparency in widespread exploitation of people working in the supply chain. Facing this challenging situations, at last some fashion businesses and professionals have made actual movement in new global sustainability standard, change the perspective of fashion values, new fashion calendars, and new marketing strategy. What is fast fashion? It is clothing line mass-produced in a very short term, rapidly made new items, and deliver them to its chain stores or webshops. The price is cheaper and got lack of quality in response to …

Low-Tech Ventilator – Gold Coast, Australia

A lecturer of Digital Media and Industrial Design programs at Griffith University on the Gold Coast campus, created low-tech ventilator using everyday objects that could be used in hospitals in developing countries. He was inspired by a medical staff in Papua New Guinea who squeezed a plastic bag as ventilator to save the life of a patient. Sam Canning, who is originally from UK and emigrated to Australia in 1997, used pipes, bucket, battery, bicycle wheels, and extra woods to make the low-tech ventilator which all the materials can be easily found anywhere in the world:… The paddles connected to the battery to rotate around and squash the bucket blowing the air to the top through the pipe. Sam Canning stated that he really hope the low-tech ventilator can inspire others especially the ones in developing countries.   For more information about Sam Canning and Griffith University:… Sam Canning: Website Sam Canning Profile Griffith University: Website – Youtube Channel Griffith University  – Instagram @griffithuniversity – Facebook griffithuniversity – Twitter @Griffith_Uni.   Source: Aussie designer creates low-tech ventilator …

Kirikane Glass Fusion – Kyoto, Japan

Akane Yamamoto has achieved to set three-dimensional gold kirikane ornaments as if they were floating in between the glass layers which fully like they were fused together, a kirikane glass technique that many glassmakers experts has been trying to achieve for many decades. Kirikane is an ornamental technique which consists of cutting gold, silver, copper, tin, and platinum in lines, triangles or squares, applying them in patterns. It is said to have originated in the Orient in 300 B.C. The technique of Kirikane travelled far on the silk road before arriving in Japan in 600 A.D., along with Buddhism, and was mainly applied to Buddhist paintings and decorations. According to The Japan Times, in the British Museum’s glass collection includes a bowl with gold-leaf patterns that is estimated to have been made around 250 B.C. The gold leaf is sandwiched between two layers of glass, but the layers were never fully fused together like Akane Yamamoto’s creations. After trials and errors, Akane Yamamoto successfully set perfect timing in melting the gold patterns to be in perfect …

The Bubble Party – Portland, United States

Steve Jarvis is a British multidisciplinary creative based in Portland, Oregon – created “The Bubble Party” and listed as Industrial Design winner of Fountain Of Hygiene, a Sanitiser Design Competition with 182 entries on 21 May 2020, to raise money for British Red Cross. The Bubble Party is a machine that creates sanitizing bubbles. The experience of hand sanitizer in the form of a floating bubble clouds, in the air blast off from the machine which is much easier to use than passing on bottles of sanitizer liquid from hand to hand. The material of the Bubble Party is easy to be cleaned: glass, copper, and ceramic. The machine can be actived with a simple gesture, no contact, and simple timed bubble. The machine consisting: machine base/bottom, liquid chamber, ceramic air filter, air/liquid channels (copper), shroud (glass), liquid tray (with motor), and bubble turning frame. It has variations of base and shrouds:… For more information about Steve Jarvis:… Website – Linkedin steve-jarvis – Instagram @stevejarvisdesign.   Source: Fountain Of Hygiene – Sanitiser Design Competition — Steve Jarvis Instagram.

Dropkick To Cross – Melbourne, Australia

ODO (One Design Office) is a multidisciplinary design practised based in Melbourne, Australia. Together with Greenpoint Media, they presented “Dropkick” – a handsfree pedestrian crossing button with light indicator, placed at the certain height where people can push it with their feet. This handsfree button created in order to to reduce the transmission of germs during the world pandemic. At night the dropkick’s light also serves as a visual safety indicator to motorists The low position of dropkick button can be fitted with the current crossing button:… The PB/5 (Pedestrian Button), originally designed by Australian industrial designer David Wood from Nielsen Design shaped like a pill. The Audio-Tactile Pedestrian Detector” (ATPD), is a successful Australian design that has been populating towns and cities across Australia since 1984 and exported to international countries. The button, commissioned by the then NSW Department of Main Roads, addressed pedestrians’ safety at traffic light crossings and, most notably, the growing concerns for the safety of vision and hearing-impaired pedestrians. For more information about ODO, Greenpoint Media, and Nielsen Design:… ODO: Website – Instagram …

First Passengers of SpaceX – Florida, United States

After the successful launch of Crew Dragon Demo-1, the first uncrewed  orbital test launched on 2 March 2019, SpaceX will have Falcon 9‘s launch of Crew Dragon’s Demo-2 with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley next week on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 in Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, heading to the International Space Centre. The rocket will blast off at 4:33 p.m. EDT and dock with the International Space Station about 19 hours later. According to SpaceX, the first private company manufacturing human spaceflight, Falcon 9 is a reusable, two-stage rocket designed and manufactured by SpaceX for the reliable and safe transport of people and payloads into Earthorbit and beyond. Crew Dragon Demo-2 also represents NASA to fully staff the International Space Station, ending the Russia’s spaceflight monopoly since 1970, and do the space-based research in support of future moon and Mars missions. Watch here the successful in-flight test of Crew Dragon launch on 19 January, 2020 after many failed to land before: Here is the interview with the duo American astronauts who will lead …

10 Ways To Automate Your Life – New York, United States

Joseph Herscher is a kinetic artist making inventive and comical chain-reaction machines videos viewed by over 30 million people online in his YouTube Channel. He stated that his machines use everyday objects in unexpected ways – the same kind of creative thinking that leads to out-of-the-box innovation. During the pandemic, he has been making experimental machines like “How To Pass Pepper While Social-Distancing” and collecting his past series in “What’s Your Problem” including his new machine on saving water in the shower: “10 Ways To Automate Your Life”: He has been making fun and weird machines like: The Tooth Brusher, The Cake Server, The Page Turner, The Lunch Feeder, and many others. He also once participated in a four-part web series Jiwi’s Machines which funded by NZ On Air and filmed in MOTAT (Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology). One of Jiwi’s Machine series “Breakfast Machine”: In his Patreon page, he offering various accesses to his videos, bonus behind-the-scenes clips, insider info on machine tricks, and connect with Joseph directly on a regular basis. For more information about Joseph’s Machines:… …

Cyril Can Capture & Crop In 2,5 Seconds – Paris, France

Cyril Diagne is a young digital artist, designer and programmer based in Paris, France. Together with Jonathan Blanchet, he recently launched new image editing program that circumvents the traditional method using a single app called AR Copy Paste available for Androids and iOS. It also copy and paste texts to desktop. The AR (Augmented Reality) Copy Paste software simply capture an object and automatically removes the background. Then copy and paste it to the desired page. The app can be paired with Adobe products only at this moment and Cyril is developing the app to be able to pair it with many others. Cyril stated that the cut can take about 2.5 seconds and paste about 4 seconds. From capture an object, crop, then paste it on presentation on laptop takes total 10 seconds. It is magical for all digital designers. Watch below to see the practical use of AR Copy Paste by Cyril Diagne who is resident of Google Arts and Culture in his Twitter page:… The former head of ECAL MI&D and co-founder LAB 212 , also …

Such A Bee Day Around The World

World’s theme for this year is “Save The Bees”. The World Bee Day in May 20, 2018, approved by the United Nation the same day the beekeeping pioneer Anton Jansa was born in May 20, 1734 in Slovenia. Bees and other polinators, are increasingly under threat due to urbanization. Pollination is a fundamental process for the survival of our ecosystems. Solitary bees do not produce honey, do not have a queen and do not live in hives. So we need to protect the natural habitat for the pollinators. Some designers also presented a homemade habitat for solitary bees which some of them can be our quarantine hobby. Here are some creations of beehouses:… 1. Insectology Food For Buzz: a project from Dutch Design Week in 2018 by Matilde Boulhouwer which we’re developing a series of flowers meant as a emergency food source to support our declining insect population. Each self-sustaining flower is made up of laser-cut screen-printed polyester petals, with a small 3D-printed container attached at the centre, which is connected to a hollow 3D-printed stem. These …

The Five of Samsung C-Lab Inside – Seoul, South Korea

Samsung has announced to support another five new start-ups from its C-LAB Inside on Monday, 18 May 2020. The similarity of all projects supported is that all devices can be connected to smartphones. This year’s startup projects supported by Samsung are Blockbuster, Hyler, Haxby, SunnyFive and RootSensor. Since 2015, Samsung has been supporting successful C-Lab Inside Projects that demonstrate great market potential and facilitating their launch as startups under the C-Lab spin-off policy. So far, 163 employees have established 45 startups since the inception of the C-Lab Program. Based on Samsung Newsroom, here the statement of the company about its five new startups of C-Lab Inside in May 2020:… — Blockbuster: A video editing application. It allows content creators to easily apply computer graphics (CG) and 3D effects to videos with their smartphones and utilizes the patented Blockbuster algorithm to generate realistic 3D CG effects by converting 2D scenes into 3D layers. — Hyler: A smart and portable highlighter with 13mm diameter that allows analog text to be digitized and transferred to mobile devices through its removable …

The Hibatouch – Amagasaki, Japan

Sachiko Nakashioya is the person behind the idea of The Hibatouch. Sachiko Nakashioya, an employee at local ironworks Hirose Engineering Co. in Amagasaki of Hyogo Prefecture, suddenly came up with the idea of making tools to touch things when she saw her son pressed a lift button and she was afraid that he might get the Covid-19 virus. The animal-shaped iron tool with the size 10 cm x 10 cm and weighs roughly 70 grams, can be used also for touchscreens by attaching conductive foam. They have cat and monkey shape variations. Hirose Enginering, a factory produces various iron products including the Hibatouch, already produced and selling the it in its webstore to avoid the people from the virus when they touch door handles, press electric buttons, hold your hands on the railings. The Hirose company refers us to its official webstore Hibanas Store with the price 1,430 Yen. Here are the images of the Hibatouch created by Sachiko Nakashioya, the Hirose Enginering employee, in Hibanas Store:…   For more information about the creator Sachiko Nakashioya …

Digital Stage Of Gravity Fatique – London, United Kingdom

Hussein Chalayan is a British fashion designer and artist who is well-known for his innovative designs using art and technology, with minimalist touch. In 2015, Chalayan was approached by Alistair Spalding to create his own dance performance where he wanted the garments as the grammar for the dance movements. Supported by Belgian and French choreographer Damien Jalet to enliven his dance concept, there was the moment the theatrical work “Gravity Fatique” beautifully created. Digital Stage of Gravity Fatique by Hussein Chalayan in Sadler’s Well Theater: Hussein Chalayan’s Gravity Fatigue will be available to watch on the Sadler’s Wells Facebook page from Friday 29 May – at 7.30pm BST. It will be made available to view for seven days on Facebook and YouTube. The Gravity Fatigue performance combined the visual creativity of Chalayan’s artistic concepts with contemporary dance. It’s realised in partnership with award-winning choreographer Damien Jalet, Yeast’s Culture Nick Hillel, sound illustrators Mode-F, and lighting designer Natasha Chivers. The production takes its inspiration from themes of identity and displacement, and the disconnection experienced in public …

Stillness Webinar Autumn Winter 2021/22 – New York, USA

Lidewij Edelkoort (Li) is a Dutch trend forecaster, publisher, design curator, founder of Anti Fashion, and the World of Hope Forum. She is based in New York, USA. In collaboration with TREND UNION, together with Philip Fimmano – a trend analyst and design curator from Edelkort. Inc US, Li will be holding “Stillness Webinar Autumn Winter 2021/22 With Li Edelkoort” – in May and June 2020 for 9 countries: Italy, France, USA, United Kingdom, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, and The Netherlands. The webinar will be presenting: Stillness – AW2021/22 and A Labour Of Love – Contemporary Design For A New World: “We will start a blank page to write a new chapter for humanity and its quest for survival” — “In a post-Coronavirus world, if we don’t slow down the pace of consumption and if we won’t change the way we make things, the planet will be lost”. The schedules info of the webinars on each countries mentioned:  – May 19 ITALY – May 19 FRANCE – May 20 USA – May 20 UNITED KINGDOM – May …

Next Reservations in Serres Séparées – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mediamatic ETEN restaurant brought up a project called “Serres Séparées” (Separate Greenhouse) to welcome their guests on 5th and 12th of May 2020. The team are reinspired by contamination precautions and the redesign of togetherness. Mediamatic itself was founded by Willem Velthoven. Each glass cabin can contain 2 – 3 people. Waiters with gloves and face shields keep the safe distance with the customers by using long wood plank board when serving the food. They clean the cabin each time the customers leave. The Mediatic ETEN had good responses from the public in early May 2020 and they are open for the next reservations. How to make the reservations: Subscribe to their mailing list to be first to get a table and use the button on their homepage: or No reservation available by phone. They will be open again on the first week of June and they are fully dependent on obtaining permission from local and national authorities. Click the link below to read more about the future reservation regulations: Serres Séparées Reservations – How to …

An Open Letter To The Fashion Industry

Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten has offered a plan to transform the way the industry works after the Covid-19 pandemic caused very challenging situation to the fashion business. Together with Shira Sue Carmi – CEO of Altuzzara and Lane Crawford – President Andrew Keith, they decided to write an open letter to simplify how the fashion business work starting August 2020 by following the real season time on each season’s fashion delivery & sales on later period and also activating the sustainable supply chain & calendar. The open letter was published online on Tuesday, 12 May, 2020. This is the link of the Open Letter To The Fashion Industry that has been signed by fashion professionals. See who currently signed it here. Proenza Schoeller, Burberry, Jill Sander, Thom Browne, Australian Fashion Coucil, and British Council are among who currently signed it and counting. Here are some important statements in the “Open Letter To The Fashion Industry”:… – We agreed that the current environment although challenging, presents an opportunity for a fundamental and welcome change that will …

Prince & The Revolution Is Back – Syracuse, United State

Prince and The Revolution concert will be digitally aired online for three days starting Thursday, 14 May 2020 at 7pm CST in Prince YouTube Channel, The Rolling Stones Magazine reported. The Prince Estate partnership with YouTube to host the three-day streaming event of the historic concert which had performed in Carriere Dome in Syracuse, New York – in March 30, 1985. Click here for the premiere concert link in Prince YouTube Channel:… Prince was a legendary flamboyant American singer with eclectic and funk music genders who won many international music awards. Below is the song “Around The World In A Day” by the Prince and The Revolution in 1985:…   For more information about Prince: Website:, YouTube Channel Prince, Instagram @prince, Facebook Prince, Spotify Prince, Apple Prince. Source: Rolling Stone Official Website, Prince Facebook Page, Prince YouTube Channel.

The StoDistante Installation – Vicchio, Italy

Caret Studio is based in Firenze, Italy. It is practitioner in architecture, urbanism, and research. Caret Studio team installed the gridded social-distancing called StoDistante in Piazza Giotto area in Vicchio, a town near Florence, Tuscany region, Italy. The white square shapes on the street floor are made of removable paints to mark 1,8 meter safe distance between people during Covid-19 social distancing. The StoDistante installation is a temporary solution for reactivating public spaces until the pandemic is over. Watch the short video about the StoDistante Project by Caret Studio in the Comune di Vicchio Facebook Page which had been aired in SkyTG24 TV News:…     Some images of the StoDistante installation from Dezeen and Comune Di Vicchio:… For more information about Caret Studio: Website – Instagram – Facebook Source: Comune Di Vicchio Facebook Page, Dezeen: Caret Studio Installed Gridded Docial Distancing, Caret Studio Instagram, Sky TG24 Italian TV Channel.

Another Sky of Franchise Freedom – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Studio Drift was founded by Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta in 2007. The latest project of Studio Drift was the Franchise Freedom with performative red heart light dedicated to healthcare workers. It was held on The Liberation Day in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, streamed live during the VDF Festival by Dezeen on May 6th, 2020. This is the 5th Franchise Freedom performance since 2017. According Studio Drift in their official website, the Franchise Freedom project was first premiered at Art Basel Miami in 2017, then above the IJ Amsterdam in August 2018, next one during the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert in September 2018, and at NASA grounds as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in 2019. The latest one was held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands this year. For the project preparation, they studied the natural flight patterns of starlings beforehand and translated them into software. Below you can watch all of the Franchise Freedom art performances from 2017 to 2020 in the Studio Drift YouTube Channel :… 2020 …

The Prismatic Cloud – Tokyo, Japan

Tokujin Yoshioka is an award winning Japanese designer who created the famous rose gold Olympic 2020 torch. One of his other creations in 2020 is The Prismatic Cloud sculpture with 10 meter length and 15 meters height is now hanging in Ginza Six Tokyo, Japan. The artwork was first created in 2008, stretched across the Alley Centre in Houston, United States, as its permanent installation art collection with more than 17.000 colorless prismatic rods. Tokujin Yoshioka said: “The Prismatic Cloud is a work to express the formless light and the cloud-like sculpture of light awakens us to the perception of natural energy”. In Ginza Six, the clouds contains 10.000 acrylic prismatic rods in 400 square-meter space. Watch the short video below from the YouTube Channel of Ginza Six :… The Prismatic Clouds also known as The Invisibles combined Tokuji’s transparent furnitures in the Kartell Gallery 2010 exhibition:… Here are images of the Prismatic Clouds and The Invisibles throughout the years:… For more information about Tokujin Yoshioka: Website – Instagram @tokujin_yoshioka – Facebook TokujinYoshioka – YouTube Channel  Tokujin …

The Anxiety Of Isolating – Seoul, South Korea

Daehyun Kim, a Seoul base illustration artist expressed his creativity with his well-known black and white “Moonassi” (a character with no face expression, wearing a black long leotard) towards the feeling of isolation during the Covid-19 stay at home. Through his 7 drawings and notes about “The Anxiety Of Isolation” in New York Times news online, he described his feeling about good old memories with friends, mixed feelings, and activities at home during the isolation. Below you can see a few of Kim’s corona virus diary drawings published in New York Times on Thursday, 7th May 2020:… Below you can watch on the process of making the “Moonassi” from Daehyun Kim’s YouTube channel:… Daehyun Kim has been illustrating “Moonassi”, a young Buddha lookalike character with no face expression, wearing a black long leotard. The character expressing a sensitive yet beautiful modern meditation with surreal image story about souls, attitudes, and feelings. For more info about Daehyun Kim: – Website – Instagram @moonothing – YouTube Channel Daehyun Kim . Source: New York Times: The Anxiety of Isolation …

Traditional Silk Marbling – Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Marble workshop (dye company for silk and polyester) is run by the Nose family in Kyoto, Japan for decades. The family business, managed by Moriyoshi Nose – the son in law, and his family members has been keeping the traditional silk marbling alive. Using starch they make various patterns and manually cut the shapes then put them on rolling machine to print the fabrics. They have worked together with many fashion designers including Hermēs. Below you can see the traditional process of the silk marbling which has been improved for decades in the Kyoto Marble workshop and its collaboration with Hermēs in YouTube channels of Great Big Stories and Hermēs: … Below are some images of the Nose family and their silk marbling results in the Kyoto Marble workshop:… For more info about the Kyoto Marble: Website – Webshop Pas Deux Pareils: and Instragram @kyotomarble. Sources: Kyoto Marble Official Website , Instagram @kyotomarble , Hermēs YouTube Channel , and Great Big Stories YouTube Channel

Paint With Yarns – Savannah, United States

Trish Andersen is a textile artist from Dalton, Georgia – a carpet city of the world. She uses a tufting gun to create extraordinary art on rugs with her rich and colourful yarns. She is now living and working in Savannah, GA. Below you can watch Trish Andersen creating art using tufting gun on rugs in Art Insider – YouTube channel: … Here are images of Trish Andersen’s past creations and inside her studio:… For more info about Trish Andersen: Website and Instagram page: @trishnandersenart . Sources: Trish Andersen Studio Official Website ,  Instagram of Trish Andersen , and Art Insider – YouTube Channel.

Mission Cambio – London, United Kingdom

Formafantasma, Italian designers duo based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, did an investigation, missioned by the Serpentine Galleries in London, called Cambio – on extraction, production and distribution of wood products, commissioned by Serpentine Galleries in London, UK. Designers of Formafantasma who describe themselves as a bridge between craft, industry, object, and user, said: “Every tree was cut according to the need of our consumption, how far we can protect the life of trees”. Below they explain further on the Cambio in Serpentine Galleries YouTube Channel :…   An interview in Serpentine Sackle Gallery posted in Dezeen YouTube Channel about discussion with Formafantasma on Cambio:… Here are some images from the Cambio exhibition by Formafantasma in Serpentine Galleries:… For more information about Formafantasma, Cambio, and Serpentine Galleries:… Formafantasma: Website – Instagram @formafantasma – Facebook StudioFormafantasma – Twitter @formafantasma . Cambio: Website – Exhibition Info Cambio in Serpentine Galleries . Serpentine Galleries: Website , YouTube Channel Serpentine Galleries – Instagram @serpentineuk – Facebook SerpentineGalleries – Twitter @SerpentineUK. Sources: Formafantasma Official Website , Serpentine Galleries Official Website , Dezeen YouTube Channel  , and Cambio Official Website.

The Occidental Artisan – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sebastian Brajkovic is a Dutch designer who are known for his sculptural furniture pieces. He transforms and mutates archetypal shapes into new forms using contemporary technologies. His “The Occidental Artisan” collection in 2019, he uses elegant distortion, colors, and hand-embroidery in furnitures with the touch of rawness and beautiful surreal design in the chandelier: Below are some images from recent collection of Sebastian Brajkovic in David Gill Gallery and his past collections:… For further info about Sebastian Brajkovic: Website – Instagram @sebastianbrajkovic . Sources: Sebastian Brajkovic Official  and Gill Gallery YouTube channel.

The Berlin Phil Series – Berlin, Germany

During stay at home days, the Berliner Philharmoniker invites us to visit its online concert. In its website of digital concert hall, you can watch Live-Stream  of the Berlin Phil’s concerts from your home on Saturdaye at 7pm (CET). The next digital concert will be held on Saturday, 25 April 2020. Here is the Schedules of The Berlin Phil Series live-streams. How it works: you can register online and allows you to access the free playlist, interviews, education programs, and listen to a concert recording. Or you can also have the subscription or ticket vouchers to access unlimited live broadcasts and concerts. In a limited time period, there is a free pass (temporary offer only) when all people self-isolating at home. Below is their latest introduction about Berlin Phil Series during Covid-19:… For more info about Berlin Philharmoniker and their digital concert hall: Website – Website – YouTube Channel Berliner Philharmoniker , Instagram @berlinphil – Facebook BerlinPhil – Twitter @BerlinPhil . Source: Digital Concert Hall Official Website , Berlin Philharmoniker YouTube channel .

Virtual Design Festival by Dezeen

VDF (Visual Dezeen Festival) week presented by Dezeen from 15 April to 30 June 2020. The online program featuring Rod Arad, So-Il, Iris Van Herpen, and many creative people. Click HERE for the schedule and more info. One of participant in the VDF is SO-IL – a New York base architecture studio, watch SO-IL in VDF in Dezeen YouTube channel :… For more info about VDF and Dezeen: VDF info & Schedule: website – website . Dezeen Magazine: website – YouTube Channel Dezeen – Instagram @dezeen – Facebook Dezeen – Twitter @dezeen – Pinterest @dezeen . Source: VDF Introduction on Dezeen Website , Dezeen YouTube channel and SO-IL Official Website.

A Chef And His Treasures – New Haven, United States

Ficre Ghebreyesus (1962 – 2012), an artistic chef in New Haven, Connecticut who hid his 700 paintings. He was born in Asmara, Eritrea. Then became a political refugee and had lived in many countries before the United States. He earned his MFA with Carol Schlossberg Prize for Excellence in Painting in Yale University.  One of recent his exhibitions “Gate To The Blue” exhibition will be postponed to September 10, 2020 in Gallery Lelong in New York. Some image works being posted online until May 16, 2020. Click here to see – Ficre Ghebreyesus Collection – Above is a short video about his other past exhibition “Second Look Twice and I Told You Who I Am” in Museum Of The African Diaspora (MoAD) in December 2018. Some of Ficre Ghebreyesus’ paintings:… For more information about Ficre Ghebreyesus: Website – Instagram @ficreghebreyesus Sources: New York Times – The Inventive Chef Who Kept His Paintings Hidden, Museum Of The Africa Diaspora, and Ficre Ghebreyesus Official Website.

The Deep Sleep Cocoon – London, United Kingdom

The deep cocoon jacket by Vollebak is built for people to sleep anywhere. The shape and functionality of the jacket are inspired by the shape of a curled up woodlouse. When you zip-closed the whole hood, you can see out from inside but nobody can see in. You can have deep sleep in your own protective cocoon anywhere. The British brand is the winner of TIME Magazine Best Invention, WIRED Gear in 2019, hailed as magical by Fast Company.  Vollebak is an experimental clothing brand and also made great breakthrough in the quality of textiles. Above is the Vollebak’s deep cocoon jacket advertisement in Dezeen YouTube channel and below is the new edition of Vollebak’s version 3 – 100 year hoodie which is fireproof, waterproof, and windproof in Vollebak YouTube channel. Some of the Deep Sleep Cocoon jacket looks from Vollebak: … For more information about Vollebak: Website – YouTube Channel Vollebak – Instagram @vollebak – Twitter @Vollebak. Sources:  Vollebak Official Website , Dezeen YouTube channel , and Vollebak YouTube channel.